Can our Tribe beat Technology?

Sue Ellson
5 min readApr 6, 2023

Can our Tribe beat Technology?

Bridge across Yarra River at Studley Park, Melbourne, Victoria 12 April 2022

By Sue Ellson

When a crisis occurs, technology is a tool, but our tribe is our toolkit.

My first website went online in 2001 — which was before most of the social media we use today, before YouTube, before smartphones, you get the picture.

Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking off and this would have to be the most monumental shift I have observed since I have joined the online world.

Back in 2001, it wasn’t long before I secured 60,000 unique visitors per month. I was pretty happy. Over the years, I have learnt a few things about Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media as well as the importance of Online Reviews, Links (external, internal and reciprocal in particular on high Domain Authority websites).

I am still kicking goals in the online world, still sharing my message and earning a living, but the heady days of 60,000 unique visitors a month is a distant memory.

Last year, my personal website was hacked and it took nearly three months to replace my 350 pages of content created over 10 years. I was glad, because I knew that if it wasn’t hacked, I wouldn’t improve the language, look and feel of my website and sure enough, my results have improved.

But now, there is a new player.

One that could create and possibly even publish 350 pages of content in my writing style in minutes, not months.

Chat GPT has had the fastest user base growth of any new technology to date (the number of people in the population using the product or service).

So far, I have been to three events discussing ChatGPT, two in person and one online. Yes, most of my time is spent in front of a screen, but I have been attending between one and four events every week since the year 2000 in an effort to keep myself up to date and employable.

I understand ChatGPT’s potential power. I can see the application possibilities. This week, I also heard about how AI will be used not just with text, but also with images, audio, and video. As an author, content creator and consultant, it is a game changer. Search engines are already racing to…



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