Context — the critical decider of your career right now

Sue Ellson
7 min readAug 3, 2020
Context — the critical decider of your career right now — By Sue Ellson

By Sue Ellson

For years you have probably been encouraged to ‘follow your passion’ or ‘find your purpose’ or even ‘look for job security.’

But in 2020, the rules changed.

Now, for many people, it is survival time.

Any job could be better than no job.

Some work could be better than no work.

Finding something to do could be the key to sanity (and I don’t mean finding another form of distraction on an electronic screen).

Getting through each day is our new reality.

Coping Styles

There are plenty of social media posts and online videos of creative people coming up with new ideas to showcase their skills and talents. Great stuff.

No doubt, there are some raging introverts buried in their personal bunkers loving this time of reduced activity and maximising their productivity. Good for them.

But for most of us, the daily struggle of challenging relationships in close quarters, daily work or business changes, lower incomes and a sense of existential uncertainty can make finding a way forward more difficult.

After many years battling some of my own challenges, I learnt that:

The only long term way to effect any change is to take action.

That action varies according to each person. I am not about to prescribe any specific action here. But what I would like to suggest is that there are a variety of options you may like to consider.

Multiple coloured purple flowers on ground cover representing lots of work rather than one job

From a Job to Work

In my Gigsters book, I discuss that the future of work is not about jobs, it is about work — and that could mean many different types of work in various disciplines, both online and offline.

Technology has got us this far, coronavirus COVID-19 has pushed us all over the edge. Technology is now an essential component of the way forward in the world of work and is a tool that can be used to attract aligned gigs or ‘jobs for

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