Is social media a waste of time for business?

Sue Ellson
10 min readMar 19, 2022
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By Sue Ellson

The simple answer is yes, social media is a waste of time for business. The longer answer is yes if you don’t use it for your purpose and you get sucked into all the shiny objects along the way.

1. Where are business owners and decision makers right now?

2. Why are you in business?

3. What determines a good social media platform?

4. What outcome do you need?

5. What are you actually paying for when you use social media?

6. What do search engines need?

7. Can you make money from social media?

8. Does this mean you should abandon social media altogether?

9. How does this look in practice?

10. Should you outsource your social media management or monitoring?

11. What do I do next?

12. What do I do today?


1. Where are business owners and decision makers right now?

I work with a variety of business owners and decision makers and so many of them say ‘we need to be on social media.’ They usually say that because they have heard how other people are on social media and they mistakenly assume that others ‘make money out of it’ (by the way, this may not actually be true — social media platforms are very good at convincing you with statistics that you are getting a return on investment — but are you getting actual sales?).

Sadly, many business owners don’t really understand how social media operates on a daily basis and how they can apply both strategy and tactics to using social media for their business. Others can’t even be bothered creating yet another social media account! There is a big difference between…



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