Self-Love — Beliefs, Scripts, Feelings and Recovery

Sue Ellson
5 min readApr 16, 2021
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By Sue Ellson

Self-love has always felt like a weird selfish and self-indulgent activity for me and I have never been one to believe that a day at a health spa will miraculously make me feel better about my life (but hey, I’m always open to more spa treatments!).

What I have learnt is that I have to believe in self-love if I am going to feel self-love.

So here’s a starting point for a few topics related to self-love.

Yes, we all need to love ourselves. But do you practice self-love? Do you confuse self-care with self-love? Do you still feel hollow after a purchase, an experience or some helpful advice?

Yes, we all need self belief. But do you believe what you think? Or what you do? Do you still feel like an imposter even when you perform well?

Yes, we all know deep down that we deserve more. But do you believe you are worthy of more? Are you truly grateful for the blessings you already have?

Yes, we all know that we need time for ourselves. But when you have that time, do you truly embrace it? Do you stop thinking about other things and maintain mindfulness?

Yes, we all want to be content. But do you understand that there will still be ups and downs? Do you ride the waves of life and know deep down that you will always be okay?

Let’s look a little deeper…

On the journey of life, I am sure that you can remember times when you did not feel loved, you did not believe in yourself, you didn’t feel worthy, you didn’t have time to relax and you were a long way away from feeling contentment.

If you are anything like me, you would have spent a lot of time reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts, scanning social media, attending events with various gurus, subscribing to newsletters, downloading free ebooks, you get the idea.

Can you imagine how many words you have read, heard or spoken on the topic of love?

Sue Ellson

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