Short form video content on social media — is now the time to develop your strategy?

Sue Ellson
7 min readJun 15, 2022

By Sue Ellson

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Short form video content on social media — is now the time to develop your strategy?

As an individual person providing social media training (educator), social media consulting and enterprise owner (practitioner), to be able to both educate and practice, I need to be across what social media can do for my students, clients and my own initiatives.

This article will explore my thoughts on developing a short form video content strategy moving forward.

Beginning Questions I have asked myself.

How do you find what you need online?
My favourite is still Google Search.

Do you scroll through your favourite social media feed and purchase directly?
I scan social media for information rather than products or services. I use social media as an engagement and networking tool.

Do you do some Google searching and find the product or service and check reviews?
I do.

How important is your website compared to your social media presence?
I believe that my website is the only internet presence I own and can control and as long as I have a backup, can recover from a hacking attempt. So for me, my website is my number one focus and everything else comes second. That is why I publish on my website first and everywhere else, second. I cannot share duplicate content (the same content on multiple sites) as Google will only index the first published version (although if it is 30–40% different, you could re-use some of your content).

Are you more likely to secure Google Search Results if you are active on social media?
Absolutely. Your website is more likely to appear in Google Search Results if you have an active presence on social media, you have online reviews (in particular, Google), you have listings on directory websites, and links on high domain authority (DA) websites and other websites (like profiles on industry association websites, niche specific directories, publications, media and more).



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